Mowgli Street Food

After a long day of shopping at the Birmingham Bull Ring, you need good food. In situations like these, home food is the best option. You know it's going to taste good, it's not going to cost you a lot of money and it's fresh and flavourful. However,  to taste home comforts first you have to get to the train station and wait for your train while lugging all your shopping around. Then hold your stomach while you dream about food on your way home.  On top of that when you go home you either have to cook or warm food up and by this point your on the verge of tears because your so hungry and tired and you can't think straight. 

But what if you could get home food outside of home. Enter Mowgli Street Food.

Located on the upper floor of Birmingham New Street Station, Mowgli Street Food draws you in with its soft lighting and cool decor.

We started off with cocktails! I went for the Mowgli Twister which is a fresh flavoured pineapple and mint drink which was so nice on a hot day. 

Poonam and Nisha, my two gorgeous shopping experts went for the Chai Rum Sling (described as a Jamaican mirage by our chatty server), an Indian remix on the traditional rum sling cocktail. For me, it was not sweet enough but I heard no complaints from either of them.

We were informed by our very friendly server that the portion sizes were quite small so he recommended between 2-3 dishes per person. With that on our minds, we ordered the treacle tamarind fries and gunpowder chicken to start with. The fries were very tasty however I found there was too much sauce which meant I was scraping it off the fries.

But...the gunpowder chicken. Oh My Gosh. This was gorgeous. It was crunchy flavourful chicken with a mint sauce on the bottom that complemented the dish so well. It did not take long for Nisha and me to finish it and I wish I could have more!

For mains, we ordered temple dahl with puri and roti bread. Now I am not really a fan of dahl but this one was okay. Would I order it again? Probably not but thats because I don't eat dahl. The roti bread and puris were just like home. The rotis were soft and the puris were not oily and tasted really good with the dahl or on their own.

We also ordered bunny chow and holy chow. Both were essentially the same dish but the holy chow was the vegetarian version. Bunny chow is essentially curry of meat or chicken and potatoes inside a loaf of bread. I have heard so much about bunny chow which is originally from SouthAfrica and it seemed like a dish that I would enjoy. 

I was not wrong.

This was a spicy chicken and potato curry filled inside soft bread which soaked up all the juices from the curry. It was definitely a brilliant first experience and it tasted so good I am definitely going to try and recreate the experience at home.

Alternatively, the holy chow was filled with a spicy chickpea and potato curry that had quite a kick to it. Because I am a meat and chicken lover I preferred the bunny chow however the holy chow is definitely a good vegetarian option.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the food at Mowgli just because it was authentic and tasted like home which I loved. The decor is beautiful inside and it is definitely a really cute place to go for dinner or a late lunch. Nisha also agreed that the food was really good but Poonam has told me that Dishoom is better. 

I guess thats the next restaurant on my list.

You can find more information about Mowgli Street Food here.

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