Would you like some cheese with that?

Title: The undomestic goddess

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Genre: Romance/Contemporary

No. of pages: 404

Rating: 3/5

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Hello all you beautiful people!

Let's all rejoice for regular posting on the blog and Youtube!!! I am officially back and all my attention is now on all you followers, readers and commenters! There are going to be a mix of food and book focused content which I am really excited to get out to all of you and content I have had so much fun creating so here's hoping you will have as much fun reading and watching it!

Now back to business. Today I am going to be reviewing a book by a very famous author that I picked up while doing my weekly shop in Tesco (2 for £7, can't go wrong!). Honestly, I have never read any Sophie Kinsella before but I mostly associate her works with chick lit, contemporary feel-good reads so I was looking forward to getting back into reading with a nice easy read.

And I wasn't wrong! This book is all about a lawyer Samantha Sweeting who makes an epic career mistake, runs off to the countryside and gets mistaken for a housekeeper. She then has no idea to get out of it so she decided to 'fake it' and figure things out as she goes. Throughout the book we see Samantha grow through ups and downs, through tears and love and really she's just such a loveable character that I found myself rooting for her even when I thought she was making some terrible mistakes.

My favourite part of this book is definitley the cheese! There are so many overly romantic moments that are definitley not true to life but I feel that you do need to watch or read now and again. It's always cute to see a fairy tale romance that renews your hope in love and classic happy endings. For me, I liken it to watching a super romantic film; I know that is not real life but it does feel good to be transported and know that it's going to be all good in the end.  On the other hand, the cheese is also what I did get sick of sometimes which meant it took me longer to read than normal.

This book overall read a bit like a movie, its got cheesy moments, its got romantic moments and its got funny hilarious moments. It's not a change your life story; it does have slow moments but besides that, it is a feel-good read. Definitely, recommend as an easy beach read or a book to get you out of a reading rut. Filled with cheesy goodness!


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