4 Wizards, 1 Cup

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Title: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Author: J.K. Rowling

Series: Harry Potter #4

Genre: Fantasy

No. of pages: 734

Rating: 5/5


Before we get into this review I just wanted to let you guys know that I know my posting has been all over the place at the moment, but bear with me, just trying to crack this final year stuff so I apologise in advance and until I finish uni there's going to be no sort of posting schedule so just bear with me and we'll get through this together!

Harry Potter.....the love of my life.

I have to say re-reading the series is bringing back all sorts of memories from when I first read it in secondary school, hiding behind library shelves and reading it every single moment I got.

I can honestly say that second time around, the series has not failed to disappoint and this book is 10000000 times better than what I remember. Actually, I feel like I'm learning loads more because I'm picking up so many more details about the Harry Potter universe. 

A quick overview of the book; Harry and co have returned to Hogwarts for their 4th year where Hogwarts has the honour of hosting the tri-wizard tournament where anyone over the age of 17 can enter to compete for the tri-wizard cup, a cash prize as well as eternal glory (sort of). Harry is forced to compete when an unknown enemy enters him in with an end goal that can only end badly. Throughout the book, along with Harry we try and work out who is out to get him (Voldemort) and what reason they could possibly have (his death).

This book is definitely quite pivotal in the series as Wormtail has reunited with his master and is trying to get him restored back to full health. We learn a lot more about death eaters from the past and how they would terrorise those they did not believe deserving. The fake Mad-Eye Moody gives us a lesson in the unforgivable curses which definitely gives us some foreshadowing on how the book (and the series) is going to end. From this book, we're finally getting into the meat of the series of fighting Voldemort and preventing him from taking power again.

Another reason why I really enjoyed this book is the introduction of the other wizarding schools and also of other wizards from around the world (as in the Quidditch Cup). It was really interesting to see how differently each school teaches magic, with different focuses on different areas of magic. 

I could honestly go on and on about how awesome this book is, but here are 5 (short) reasons why this book is amazing (possible spoilers ahead):

  1. Dragons, mermaids and giants: Come on, they were epic!!!
  2. Wizard Politics and Rights: From Barty Crouch's fall from power to Hermoine trying to make SPEWs a thing, this book takes a wider look at rights of different creatures besides humans and  how they are perceived by their 'intelligent' superiors
  3. Death Eaters: They make themselves known at the beginning of the book but we seem them truly reunite at the end of the book when their dark mark tattoos call them to serve
  4. Crouch Conspiracy: This was definitely a sad moment to see that a parent would do anything to save their child despite the horrific crimes they endured, and then keeping their child under the Imperius curse? This is one messed up family.
  5. Voldemorts Return: when Voldemort exclaims "How could they have believed that I would not rise again, they who knew the steps I took to guard myself against mortal death". Here it's important to note that 1. Voldemort as a massive ego and 2. Horcruxes?

Overall I think we can all agree that this book is the real start, Voldemort is back and ready to partaaaaaaay, and so apparently, is Dumbledore!

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