Seductive Sparrows!

Title: Red Sparrow

Author: Jason Matthews

Series: Dominika Egorova #1

Genre: Thriller

No. of pages: 431

Rating: 3/5

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sincerest apologies for not posting last week guys but sometimes university dissertation has to take priority you know?

Anyway, I have a killer book review today with the movie adaptation releasing on the 1st of March. The movie 'Red Sparrow' stars Jennifer Lawrence, ultimate baddest bitch of all time, alongside Joel Edgerton, Jeremy Irons and Matthias Schoenaerts. 

I would always always advise you read the book before you watch a movie adaptation because I feel like you get more context and detail but thats just my biased view in favour of books :)

Red Sparrow is all about Dominika Egorova who is part of the Russian KGB, a bit like the MI5 except she has been trained in the art of seduction. Dominika goes to a special school where they teach her to use the 'best weapon' a woman has to get a man to spill his darkest secrets. It's not until she meets the charming Nathaniel Nash that she begins to question where her loyalties lie...

....and thats all I'm going to tell you because otherwise I will spoil the book (and the movie) for you.

I enjoyed this book because it was very different from anything I would normally read. I don't normally pick up books about espionage and country secrets which is a first. Come to think of it, I can't say I have read many books about or based in Russia so thats another first. There is also a lot of politics about how the various surveillance agencies are run, who actually has the control and who is in a seat of influence. Especially coming from an ex CIA director, the idea that these entities, although they have a common goal,  are not black and white and have different ideas of what is 'acceptable' and 'allowed is very interesting.

The main character, Dominika is a strong-willed, ball busting female powerhouse which I absolutely love. She develops continuously throughout the book from being a good patriotic Russian to one who starts to question her actions and motivations, the transition is slow but believable and you can see the imaginary cogs churning in Dominika's head as she makes one life-changing decision after another. Nate, on the other hand, is just annoying. He's childish, petty and how he became a CIA officer befuddles me.

I did feel like the whole 'red sparrow' training took a bit of a back seat and she didn't really use her training much in the book which was a disappointment. The other weird issue I have is with her having a special power where she can see auras. I feel like this doesn't add anything to the story at all (which is why I'm telling you) and honestly, Dominika is badass enough without needing a gimmicky superpower/sixth sense.

Also, can we talk about the fact that there are recipes at the end of each chapter? It is definitely unique because I've never seen that before and I am looking forward to trying a couple but I felt like they grew more simplistic as the chapters went on and it felt like the author was just trying to complete something he committed to.

Okay, it is worth noting that you may/may not need a dictionary or google to understand certain surveillance words but you sort of get into it after the first couple of chapters. It is heavy, can be slow at times but I think there's a lot of potential and I am intrigued what the next book in the trilogy is going to bring. Besides the little niggly bits, good job Mr Matthews!!!

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