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Title: The Marriage Bureau for Rich People

Author: Farahad Zama

Series: The Marriage Bureau for Rich People #1

Genre: romance, contemporary

No. of pages: 293

Rating: 4/5

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Loveeeeee is in the aiiiiiiir!!!!!

Happy early valentines day you guys! The chocolates have been brought, the presents have been wrapped and the candlelight dinners have been booked. What better way to celebrate this feeling of luuuuuurve than jumping into a book about love?

The marriage bureau for rich people is all about Mr Ali who is bored whilst in retirement and decides he is going to open up a marriage bureau. He sets up at the front of his house and starts working people all desperate to get married.

There's not really any running story in the book, it's more just a collection of episodes when different clients visit him and how he helps them to find love. The characters in the book are very loveable and you find yourself rooting for them when they are faced with difficulty. I was already a very strong Mr Ali supporter after the first couple of pages of the book and was hoping his business would take off (even though it definitely did, because otherwise what would the book be about; Mr Ali's failed marriage business?)

My favourite character is definitely Aruna who is Mr Ali's assistant. She manages the business when he is away or taking his afternoon siesta. Halfway through the book Aruna is given a more definitive storyline which I really enjoyed reading about.

What surprised me about this book was the taboo subjects that the author spoke about. Topics like dowry, caste system and marriage between religions were all discussed in a very mature manner. It's sad that these difficulties still exist in the 21st century but it doesn't mean we should ignore them and not talk about them.  

This book is a very easy read. It has a leisurely pace and is just fun. I would say don't go into this book expecting lots of deep discussion about culture and marriage. It's a lot more light-hearted and touches on the subjects but not in a very serious way. If you're looking for an insightful understanding with lots of deep meanings and dramatic themes this book is definitely not it. 

Overall I would definitely recommend this as a light read, nothing too intense with loveable characters, an interesting plot and beautiful imagery. I am very excited to read the next in the series!

It's cutesy, it's adorable and it makes you aww! What more do you need to kick off this romantic week?


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