Title: Ms Marvel: Generation Why

Author: G Willow Wilson

Series: Ms Marvel #2

Genre: Superheroes

No. of pages: 136

Rating: 3/5

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog! I am so sorry I didn't post last week but with all these university deadlines and me being ill I had to take the week off.

But don't worry I   am back with lots of great content so let's get right to it!

This week, we are looking at the second comic in G Willow Wilson series, Ms Marvel: Generation Why.  Now, I read the first comic a while back but I was really excited to read the second comic.

So just a quick recap, this series is all about Kamala Khan, a Muslim teenager from Jersey city. She goes through everything a teenager with strict parents go through, worrying about curfew and what would happen if your parents found out you were a mask-wearing, cape-flying superhero with powers. The concept is original and I loved that there was a very unique protagonist with a relatable storyline so I was really excited to find out about the next adventure Kamala would embark on. 

Unfortunately, I was not impressed.

In this comic, Kamala is fighting an evil mastermind who is taking teenagers and using them as power sources. I mean, the concept was original but it was definitely not believable or realistic in any way. All the different parts of the story did not work together cohesively which is why it didn't work. Yes, the artwork was gorgeous but the story severely lets the artwork down. I will definitely continue the series because I want to see what the author has in store for Kamala but if I was you, I would skip this one in the series.

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