New Year, New Me

Title: Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead

Author: Sheryl Sandberg

Genre: Non-Fiction, Feminism

No. of pages: 217

Rating: 5/5

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Happy New Year and Welcome to 2018!!!!!!

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Anyway back to this post.

2018 is here and everyone is making new resolutions, trying to get themselves into better habits or trying to change their behaviour for the better. I  have given myself some goals for the year including making healthier choices, putting myself first and not over planning and taking each day as it comes.

New Year's resolutions are difficult and hard and it is easier to get through them if you have some motivation from someone who really understands success and its value.

Enter Sheryl Sandberg.

Now for those of you that don't live on planet Earth, Sheryl Sandberg is the COO of Facebook. She is one of the very few female executives in the world. She is smart, strong-willed and one of the most influential and powerful women of our generation. Besides being the business powerhouse that she is, she also has a loving family as well as multiple charitable ventures.

She is who I aspire to be like. A strong woman in a time where strong female leaders are few and far between.

Which is why I picked up her book 'Lean In' to inspire me and motivate me for the year ahead.

I can honestly say I love her more than I originally did.

Sandberg provides us with a short book which hits the nail on the head when it comes to so many issues that women and feminists are afraid to talk about. From explaining the inner battles of anxiety and over thinking faced by most women every day to discussing the idea of 'having it all', Sandberg talks about everything that women have been avoiding or afraid to talk about.

Sandberg has received a lot of criticism for the book. Mainly that her book does not take into account women of colour or women from a poorer socio-economic background. A lot of readers criticise the book as one for rich white women rather than all women. The other main issue readers had with this book was the apparent 'victim blaming'. That women were to blame for not taking a role because they felt like they were underqualified and this was all in our heads.

Both of these criticisms are false, absurd and the people making these criticisms have clearly read the book whilst drunk or not read it at all.

Yes, Sandberg is very rich and can afford to have nannies take care of her children but that's not what she focuses on. She mainly talks about how she has the same problems the average joe does even when she was getting into the world of work. She also has self-doubt and worries that she is not good enough and doesn't appreciate herself enough. Every woman does it and Sheryl has hit the nail on the head. We doubt ourselves so much that sometimes we don't take opportunities presented to us because we think we're not good enough or we're scared we're going to mess up.

Which is exactly how it is. Yes, there is a patriarchy and there are a lot of structural changes that need to be addressed and Sheryl is not dismissing them for one second. However, I am reminded of an old saying

"God helps those who help themselves"

Now I don't know about God, but I do genuinely believe that we cannot expect everything to just fall into our laps. Yes, that is how men have it and have had it since the beginning of time but that's not going to make a better world. We have to dig deep, find our strength and raise our hands in a room full of a hundred people. We have to speak up when we are called upon even if our hands are shaking. But until we don't take those first small steps we won't get anywhere in this fight.

And as to those who think this book is for white women only, take it from an overweight poor Indian student who is only 1 of 10 females in her class and yet the only 1 of 300 who has a graduate job at a reputable fortune 500 company...the advice and guidance that Sheryl imparts in this book applies to every one of us despite our shape, size, colour, or religion.

For me, this book was an absolutely brilliant start to what is going to be an amazing 2018 and I cannot recommend a better book for starting the year off right!


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