Dont’t be a bully!

Title: Silent Voice

Author: Yoshitoki Oima

Series: Silent Voice #1

Genre: Manga

No. of pages: 192

Rating: 3/5

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Manga is not my first choice of something I would pick up if I was browsing Waterstones. I did read Naruto when I was at school but I have never had a physical copy. It is only recently that I have been getting into anime because my other half watches a lot and I end up watching it with him; Fairy Tale, Dragonball Z and Full Metal Alchemist just to name a few.

So I decided to pick up something out of my comfort zone and give some proper manga a try.

This particular book is about a boy, Shoya who is a bully. A new girl joins his class Shoko, and they start to bully her and she bears it with grace despite their bullying going over the top. Eventually, the bullying gets so bad that Shoko leaves school and transfers to another where hopefully the kids are nice. Shoko and Shoya meet 6 years later and this is the time for Shoya to redeem himself.

This book was very interesting, to say the least. The issue of bullying in children is something that unfortunately is very prevalent in our schools today and there have been times where serious pain and damage has been caused because the kids thought it was funny. it's sad to say that as you grow up, things don't change and you encounter bullies throughout your adult life, it;s just less apparent and people are less willing to do things because that is the norm.

Through the graphic drawings in this book, the author is able to talk about this issue but not in a harsh way and I really love that. The drawings are very beautiful but the story is average, to say the least. It is not a page turner or gripping in any way but I appreciate that this is the first book in the series so it may be a slow start. The book is of average length and it took me slightly longer to read it because I didn't want to pick it up straight away.

My only concern is how the story is going to proceed. When Shoya and Shoko meet 6 years later there seems to be some sort of relationship budding, which is fine, but I don't want the story to go towards the whole 'you tease the girl you like the most' because this was a bit more than teasing.

Overall it was a standard book and now that the foundation for the story has been laid I am looking forward to finding out what happens next.


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