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Title: Divergent

Author: Veronica Roth

Series: Divergent #1

Genre: Young Adult Dystopian

No. of pages: 487

Rating: 3/5

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Sometimes, you read a book the first time round and you think it's amazing and it is one of the best stories you have ever read. Then you read it the second time round....

Not as good as I remembered.

So before I reveal all here is just a quick overview of the book. This is a dystopian novel where Chicago is split into five factions each favouring a specific trait, for example Candor favours honesty, abnegation selflessness, dauntless bravery etc. When you are 16, you can choose a faction that you most relate to.You can stay in the faction you are born in or choose a different faction but that means forsaking your family, friends and everyone you've ever loved. The whole book is based on Beatrice or Tris trying to figure out where she fits in after she is told shes divergent which means she doesn't have an preference for just one trait, shes a mixture.

Okay now these are the issues I have with this book (spoilers ahead):
  1. It's not a dystopian society: A dystopian society is built after everything goes wrong with society. Dystopian societies prosper in their own weird ways. The majority of people tend to be happy with how society is progressing. This is not the case in the divergent world. People are unhappy, they don't have enough food and the government has been given to a group of people who think they same and don't represent anyone else. This society is a walking talking time bomb that makes no sense
  2. The dauntless: So this is supposed to be the faction of the brave. More like the faction of the dumb. They are bit like those daft people you see on you've been framed that throw themselves at a tree. There is a big difference between bravery and stupidity.
  3. Divergence: Everyone is technically divergent. The test that you do to find out about your divergence gives you a result yet you are still allowed to choose differently. You are born into a faction and grow up with those skills and if you a transfer to another faction you will never truly be just of that faction, you'll carry those over. So for example Christina is from candor and doesn't lose her candor qualities even though she is now in dauntless, so now she is both candor and dauntless therefore she is divergent as well.
  4. Box of Water: Instead of killing Tris straight away, our super villain thinks it is a clever idea to leave her alone in a box of water. Why didn't she just shoot her?
  5. The story: 80% of the book is fighting scenes, you don't get into the meat of the story until halfway through. The book is written a bit like a film, the endless action scenes are fine when you watch them but they are definitely boring to read through.
  6. It's predictable:  Although the idea of factions is unique, everything else wasn't. From the sorting ceremony to the boyfriend that tried to kill her because he is being mind controlled. 
  7. The train?! Who is driving the train? And why does it never stop?

Besides these points, I enjoyed the developing relationship between Tris and Four. It wasn't a fall in love straight away kind of a thing but more of a gradual build up. Overall, the book dragged and I won't be reaching for it anytime soon.


Unfortunately dude, it is. 

Here's hoping the second book in the series is a massive improvement!

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