Tipu Sultan

I have a big family. We are 5 sisters plus my mum and dad. 

So when we go out for meals we always have to look for something that will cater for all of us.

Now usually we go for Indian food because my dad likes to eat Indian food all day every day. Also he wants the food to taste like its been made at home, but he also wants it to taste different. 

Fussy eater, am I right?

Tipu Sultan is a restaurant we have visited before as a family but that was the one in Birmingham. We really enjoyed it and when we found out they were coming to Leicester, we were there.

Tipu Sultan is a family of restaurants specialising in Indian/Kashmiri Cuisine. Like I mentioned they have one branch in Birmingham and are looking to open more in London and Bradford. They are known to be beautifully decorated to make their guests feel like they are eating dinner in the palaces of the Sultans, who were the rich kings who rules over India and Pakistan a long time ago.

Now enough back story, lets talk about the food.

Every Indian meal starts off with poppadoms and chutneys. Now usually I find these very oily because they are deep fried, but here they were crunchy and put together with the mint sauce they were yummy.

Obviously we had to have drinks and since Tipu Sultan does not serve alcohol we went for some mocktails. We decided to go for some mango lassi and a whole host of virgin mojitos and daiquiris. The daiquiris were a bit on the sweet syrupy side but the lassi was creamy and delicious.

So for starters we went for the sultani meat platter which is a mix of the different meat starters they serve. We shared between 4 people for that and the portion size was pretty good. I would say my favourite would be the seekh kebabs but just a warning, they are spicy. If spice is not your thing, I would go for the hariyali tikka (the green chicken pieces) since my sister, who hates spice loved them.

We also had some masala fries, but they were a disappointment. They were slightly oily and had a thin masala drizzled on top, definitely would not recommend!

So for mains we really went all out. We ordered the Hyderabadi Handi, which was a chicken curry. Nothing to write home about but it was well cooked with good flavours.

We also ordered some butter chicken for the children. They ate it up so I am assuming they liked it. Again it seemed like it was average but it tasted good and was cooked well so no complaints.


On the menu was also Achari Ghost which was a meet curry flavoured with spices. It was so flavourful and the meat was so tender I am drooling just thinking about it. We also had some lamb biryani. It tasted amazing, it was cooked perfectly but it was less like a biryani and more like lamb curry mixed with rice. For me, Biryani had layers of rice then curry then rice again. I am a traditionalist when it comes to biryani, but honestly it was very tasty.

For dessert, we had a molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, peanut butter stack with ice cream, Oreo cheesecake and also some gajar ka halwa with vanilla ice cream. All the desserts tasted amazing and the ice cream was really nice after a spice heavy meal. The only warning I would give is that the cheesecake and the peanut butter stack is quite heavy so I would advise 1 between 2 people. But if you think you can handle it.....you have been warned.

Overall we really enjoyed ourselves. The staff are friendly the food tastes nice and is cooked well. Although it's not amazing it is still pretty decent and I would recommend it as a middle range Indian restaurant with good food.

Find out more about Tipu Sultan here

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