Unrealistic Ideals explained....realistically

Title: I'll take you there

Author: Wally Lamb

Genre: Historical Fiction

No. of pages: 272

Rating: 5/5

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I am going to waste no time in getting into this book review.

This book is incredibly brilliant. 


It has played with every single one of my emotions. It has twisted at my heartstrings and I still don't entirely realise how it's done that.

Going into the book, I was expecting a chilled out read, nothing too serious, one of those meh reads, decent writing decent storyline that kind of thing.

But honestly, I was blown away by the storyline, the characters and the quality of the writing. The imagery makes me feel like I am living through each and every emotion with Felix who is our main character. 

The premise is definitely unique. The story follows our protagonist as he relives specific memories shown to him by the ghost of an iconic director. Felix watches his younger self on the big screen as he reclines in upholstered cinema seats, and he realises how much of an influence certain women have had in his life and how that has shaped him as a person.

The main theme going through this book is about women and our struggles. Felix watches his sister as she deals with issues that don't affect him as a boy. Topics like weight loss, bulimia, body image and the 'perfect American woman' are all broached and I think that they are dealt with very well.

I am going to keep this short and sweet since I don't want to ruin the story but for me, it's a definite must-read, for boys and girls. And for parents, it can really give you an insight into what goes on in the minds of young people.

Unfortunately what goes through Felix's sister's mind is probably what a lot of young people are thinking and experiencing. To me, this book is almost like a warning and a lesson. 

'Change your silly unrealistic ideals or you will see your loved ones in pain'

To see a story like this but from the perspective of a sibling who doesn't understand why or what is happening to their sister is heartbreaking. You can feel Felix's hopelessness as he stands by and watches his sister on a downward spiral.

I would definitely recommend this book to one and all. Just because we don't talk about topics like bulimia or body image does not mean our young people don't suffer from these issues, and this book highlights them better than a lot of non-fiction books I have read.


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