Read Harder: Micropress

Title: If you look for me, I am not here

Author: Sarayu Srivatsa

Genre: Contemporary

No. of pages: 257

Rating: 3/5

This week's read harder challenge was a bit of a difficult one:

'Read a book published by a micro-press'

Cool. I can do that.

But what is a micro-press?

To find the answer to this prophecy I decided to ask my old friend google. He informed me that micro-presses are small publishing houses with usually with a very small number of people. They don't have all the bells and whistles of the giant publishing houses but, these smaller publishing houses have an eye for finding the diamonds in the rough.

This book was more of a cubic zirconia than a diamond but still very shiny.

Let me explain.

This book tells the story of Siva, a small boy growing up in southern India who craves for the love and attention of his mother. Alas, she is unable to because she is mourning the loss of Siva's twin, Tara who dies at birth. Throughout the book, Siva struggles with his identity, to try and find a place where he fits in but also who he can be so that his mum loves him.

All in all the story is really sad. Siva trying to figure out who he is and growing up in a household with his superstitious grandmother, watching his parents drift away from each other, and discovering the differences between girls and boys at a very young age.

I have to say that Siva was the only rounded out character throughout the story, and that's why I really connected with him. But he was the only character I connected to. The other character had a lot of potential but were not developed which started to annoy me halfway through. I like to understand what a character is doing and their reasons for it even if I don't necessarily agree with them. Unfortunately, this book lacked the detail and that is one of the areas that this book fell short.

The other area would be the pace of the book. I got halfway through and felt that I was stuck in a vicious cycle and the book started to feel heavy. I am the kind of person that doesn't leave books half read (the book has to be exceptionally terrible for me to stop in the middle). But I can honestly say that if I did not have that principle, I would have stopped and never picked it up again.

Besides these two areas, the book was okay. The premise was interesting and the characters were intriguing. This book was okay; I am glad I read it but I probably wouldn't re-read it.

The best word to describe this book would be... meh. It wasn't particularly good but it wasn't particularly terrible either. It just...was.


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