Read Harder: Story Collection

Title: Stone Mattress

Author: Margaret Atwood

Genre: Historical

No. of pages: 273

Rating: 4/5

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This weeks read harder challenge was to read a collection of stories written by a woman. I don't really read any short story collections and since I already enjoy Atwood's work as an author, I thought these stories would be very interesting.

They did not disappoint.

Atwood is the queen of thought-provoking, witty writing. 

Stone Mattress is a collection of 9 stories based on old people. There is a mixed bag of characters from an author of a fantasy series to a disembodied hand that is madly in love.

All the stories in the book feature the characters looking back on their lives.

I really enjoyed the stories which had themes of romance, horror and brilliantly executed wit.

I was hooked and it was definitely a page-turner.


Just stop.

This not your normal style of writing, you say. 

I know, I say. Although I am no Shakespeare, my posts are well written and they flow. They aren't disjointed.

Writing that is disjointed is difficult to read, you say.

I know, I say. That is the only problem I have with this book.

Maybe I just don't understand how short stories work but there was no consistency in this book. I know, they are separate stories but I believe if you start something you should finish it.

Let me explain.

The first three stories in the booked were linked. Characters from the story would pop up in the second story and they all had some sort of relationship with each other. Their paths crossed in their lives and I can tell you I really enjoyed reading the stories and making the connection between the character.

However, this changed suddenly after the third story.

Oh, I thought, this is a stand-alone story. Maybe the next one will revert back.

No luck.

The rest of the stories in the book were all stand alone, and that really bugged me.
If Atwood had the kept the 9 stories linked in some way I would be gushing with praise right now. Even if she kept all 9 stories completely separate from each other I would be happy.

But it's the mixing up I am not happy with.

Okay, rant over.

Overall I really did enjoy this book and I would genuinely recommend it to anyone to read. Honestly? it scared me about growing old, but that is just evidence of Atwood's excellent writing.

I am hoping to live to grow old one day with grace and style...

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