Read Harder: Female Superheroes

Title: Miss Marvel Vol 1: No Normal

Author: G Willow Wilson

Series: Ms Marvel #1

Genre: Graphic Novel/ Comic

No. of pages: 120

Rating: 4/5

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This week's read harder challenges us to read a comic with a female superhero.

Generally, female superheroes are few and far in between. If I told you to name female superheroes you would struggle, and female superheroes of colour would be even more difficult, but what about a Muslim female superhero?

Enter Kamala Khan.

Kamala struggles with being a teenage girl, an American, a Pakistani and a Muslim all at once. Trying to keep all these identities from clashing with each other is difficult for the best of us. In the midst of all this, she gains superpowers and tries to figure out how to control them and use them for good.

I loved this comic.

It was original, it was funny and it was true to life which is what I really loved. I am all about celebrating differences but not using them as a way to segregate you. Towards the end of the book, Kamala learnt to accept the different facets of her identity and use them to her advantage.

I have some read some reviews on Goodreads which talk about how this graphic novel is stereotypical and doesn't really happen in real life but take it from a girl that has grown up with an Indian Muslim family, the cultural differences between you Britain and India/Pakistan are huge, and rightly so, they are all completely different countries. I would be lying to you if I said it's not difficult to adjust the two cultures together and that I had no difficulties growing up.

But that is to be expected. When you're so used to doing something a certain way and suddenly you change that, it's confusing and frustrating. I would say most families with first-generation immigrants as parents have this difficulty.

But that is the beauty of adapting and changing and being diverse. Personally, I think this just makes our culture richer and even more beautiful.

Speaking go beautiful, the artwork is absolutely gorgeous. I would buy this book just for the drawings.

The only confusing part for me was how Kamala got her powers, that was all a bit of a haze but besides that, the most important lesson is that by the end of the comic, Kamala learns that there is only one of her and that makes her unique, individual, one of a kind.


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