Read Harder: A Book about Books

Title: Phantoms on the Bookshelves

Author: Jacques Bonnet

Genre: Non-Fiction

No. of pages: 156

Rating: 3/5

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I am conscious that I haven't put up a read harder challenge post for a while.  Honestly, I was feeling a bit intimidated of going out of my comfort zone and trying something new.

So here I am, reading a book about books.

A book about Jacques Bonnet a French literary critic who owns roughly 40,000 volumes of books. Bonnet talks about his troubles with dealing with a library that big but also about things we don't think about like categorising books, finding a home for them among many other things.

And I am mildly surprised. I thought that reading a book about a dude that has a huge library would make me really annoyed because that's my dream. But I found this book really fascinating.

Talking from the point of view of a person who wants her own private library this was very interesting. Bonnet makes observations that as readers we don't necessarily see like how we know nothing about the author of books but everything about the characters these authors feed us.

Something that I was very startled about was that Bonnet talks about he is worried about more books coming into print. Now as a reader and a lover of paper books I have always worried that books will become digital and we will lose the good honest ink and paper. Bonnet talks about how more and more books are being written which means we can't keep up with reading all of them, which is sad.

Other things Bonnet talks about include what happens to books when you die. I have officially decided that my books will be donated to where I am not yet sure, preferably I would like them advertised and have organisations give a proposal as to how they would use them. There will also be some people who would get books from me personally because my favourite books deserve to go to my favourite people, so watch this space.

For me, the only annoying thing was the titles of books, I just skim read them because they were just titles and didn't mean anything to me, the bibliography did help because I have now added those books to my reading list which is good but like I said it didn't  add anything for me during the reading of the book.

Overall, I would say this is a great book, but it would only be interesting to a certain group of people; in this case, bibliophiles or book lovers. So if your dream in life is having a huge library of your own then this is the book for you.
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