A mother and daughter bond

Title: Where'd you go, Bernadette

Author: Maria Semple

Genre: Humour

No. of pages: 330

Rating: 5/5

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My mum. Best Mum Ever. In the Whole Entire Universe.

But mums, in general, are amazing. They handle everything without breaking a sweat and still manage to look fabulous.

We all love our mum's. Because they look after us, love us and care for us. And we trust in our mums with our whole heart and we love them unconditionally.

This is what this book is about.

Unconditional love and trust between a mum and her daughter.

Bernadette is a crazy eccentric architect who lives with her husband, Elgie, a Microsoft genius and her daughter Bee, a super talented perfect daughter. All is going well in their lives beside the usual ups and downs until doubt creeps into the head of her husband and we are taken on a wild goose chase as Bernadette disappears.

This book gave me all the feels!

I absolutely loved all the characters from eccentric Bernadette to the witchy Audrey who I started warming up towards by the end of the book. Unfortunately, Soo Lin stayed firmly in the evil category and she was joined there by Elrin.

I just love the fact that Bee never gave up. She believed in her mum and never thought her mum would be capable of what everyone was saying about her. She knew her mum so well she crossed oceans to try and figure out what happened. And that's what I love about the character of Bee, she is tenacious and she takes nothing at face value.

Even though I don't have a creative bone in my body, I empathised with Bernadette and was protesting in my head with the other characters who were pointing fingers at her.

The book was pretty much perfect. The writing flowed so well and I really liked that the book was told through correspondence, as in letters and notes told the story which I really enjoyed. It just meant you didn't waste time reading the whole he said she said.

This book was funny and emotional touching and just left me in a very warm place when it was over.\

I 100,000% recommend this book. I would say its one of my favourites of the year.

mmkay bye I am going back to my happy place
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