Read Harder - 100 Miles

Title: Alys, Always

Author: Harriet Lane

Genre: Mystery

No. of pages: 211

Rating: 5/5

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This week's read harder challenge is to read a book set within 100 miles from your location.

Now since I have two homes, I figured anywhere within that radius would be permitted. 

This story is based entirely in London and the surrounding areas, which is a nice change for me since most of the novels I read are based in the States. I guess in some small way it makes it relatable.

Alys, always is a mystery novel about a literary editor, Francis who witnesses the death and final words of Alys Kyte. Francis then finds herself involved with Alys's family as they try to get some form of closure from her death. Let's just say Francis makes the most of a difficult situation.

I loved this book so much but it is going to be difficult for me to review it since there are so many facets of the story which surprised me. I would say its best to go into this book as 'blind' as you can. 

Either way, I will keep this review as spoiler-free as possible.

Honestly, I didn't think much of this book when I read the blurb on the back. It seemed like it was a pretty simple story and I felt like everything was revealed in the blue.

Boy, was I wrong.

This book took me on a roller coaster rides. Throughout the book, just when I finally thought I understood Francis she would do something that would question my idea of her.

Even though she was extremely unpredictable, I fell in love with Francis. Although she didn't have some of the best of qualities, deception, manipulation and innocence being her holy trinity, she was very relatable and I admired her ambition. 

I think it's really important to go into the book blind because you want to know how the character of Francis develops as she realises the opportunity that she has but also to see the characters of Lawrence and his children being revealed to us slowly, piece by piece.

This story is so simple and realistic and is definitely something that could happen given the right circumstances. Some of the story was very coincidental, but the main theme of the story which is taking advantage of a situation is something I would say many people, including myself, are familiar with.

This book was a quick read and was definitely a page turner and kept me curious to see how the story would continue.

Did this story have a happy ending?

Sort of. It depends on what you mean by a happy ending. And from whose point of view, you're looking at it from.

There were points in the book, where I was wondering where did Francis even come from? and how did we get to this point? 

But seriously, a slow clap for Francis.

For me, this book was a 5 out of 5 stars because it was an original story that was also true to life and I think to get both in a balance is really difficult.

Brava, Harriet Lane, Brava.
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