Burgers and Lobsters

Sometimes when you're tired and hungry you follow your nose to find some good food. That is the situation my best friend and I found ourselves in after spending a long time walking around The British Museum. I would definitely get the audio guide if you pay a trip to the museum, you learn so much more and really get lost in the worlds of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans.

Anyway, after wandering through the streets of Chinatown we came across this brightly lit restaurant:

Immediately, my heart was set. I had never tried lobster before and now was a good time as any. Not only was the smell wafting from inside delicious, seeing that the lobsters were pretty fresh closed the deal.

We started off with some nibbly bites. These deep fried crab 'pakora' with sweetcorn got us into the mood to try some of the best food.

My partner in crime preferred these prawn doughnut things, and with a tangy mayo what's not to like?

For mains, we went for the obvious choice of lobster.  I went for the chilli lobster which had a garlicky chilli sauce which was finger looking goodness. It was served with fluffy jasmine rice and I have to say lobster is my new favourite. The meat was so succulent and covered with that chilli sauce the meal was just perfection!

My companion, on the other hand, went for the burger lobster combo which is classic lobster with garlic butter and a succulent burger. I think both hit the spot since she was making lots of appreciative sounds.

Personally, I would definitely go back here for fresh decently priced lobster and succulent burgers. Be warned though, sometimes there is a bit of a wait but it is definitely worth it!!!

You can find Burger & Lobster here

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