"You're a Wizard Harry!"

Title: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Author: J.K Rowling

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Harry Potter #1

No. of pages: 320

Rating: 5/5

For those of you who don't know me very well, I love Harry Potter. I am obsessed. I have read the books a thousand times, know all the lines from the movies and listen to the music to calm me down.

You could say I am a fan. Just a little bit.

So when my super duper awesome best friend brought me the newest editions of the Harry Potter series, it just gave me an excuse to read them all again. Oh, and to educate you all on the greatness of Harry Potter.

Here are 5 reasons why your life is incomplete if you have not read the Harry Potter series:
  1. You have not known true writing - J.K Rowling has written this series so beautifully it makes me cry. You can see every wiry hair in Dumbledore's beard and smell the disgusting stench of the troll while it lumbers towards the girl's bathroom. The writing is so rich that I feel like 100 bucks.
  2. J.K Rowling tackles important themes - there are so many values that Rowling puts importance on throughout the books but also specifically in this book; the importance of friendship, sacrifice and family to name a few.
  3. Harry is that average kid - Harry isn't an insanely hot good looking guy with muscles, he's that weird kid that you make fun of and sits at the back of the classroom. I mean it's helpful that he is famous in the wizarding world, but he relies on his instincts and that's what makes him who he is.
  4. The characters just grow - as the books go on we as readers become so attached to the characters; their pain is our pain, their joy is our joy. Because we've been on an adventure with these characters you become emotionally involved which is a testament to Rowling's amazing writing.
  5. Hogwarts. - I swear when I was 11 I waited for my letter every day to arrive in the post. 10 years later I refuse to give up hope, my surname starts with s so they always send my letters last.

Seriously though, if as a parent you have not introduced this magical world to your children, you have failed. 

For those of you living in the 15th century, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is the first instalment in this series of magic and friendship. You are introduced to Harry Potter, the boy who lived, and follow him as he navigates the world of magic. 

Of course, this book was absolutely amazing I loved every second of it.  I finished it in a couple of hours because I mean J. K. Rowling's writing is so vivid, I could see everything in my mind's eye.  
The books are so detailed and they really fill out the word of Hogwarts and help you to imagine the world that Harry lives in. J. K. Rowling really has thought of everything and because I've already read the series and this is a re-read for me I can already see pointers towards how the story is going to end and the storyline that J. K. Rowling is playing with which I think is amazing. 

There are a lot of details in the book that they didn't show in the film for example peeves the poltergeist is never mentioned and the different trials before Harry finds the stone are not explained.  
This book still kept me entertained and was a real page-turner, definitely, a couldn't-put-down read!  I can 110% say that I love the books more than the film because the characters are so much more real and relatable (for me it's Hermione).

I genuinely think that people who have not read the book are missing out and you need to read this book immediately! Five out of five stars absolutely 110% excellent my absolute favourite book of all time hands down.

Harry Potter, you are fire!!

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