Read Harder: A book you have read before

Title: Anna and the French Kiss

Author: Stephanie Perkins

Genre: Young Adult, Romance

Series: Anna and the French Kiss #1

No. of pages: 372

Rating: 5/5

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I love romance. I am a sucker for a good love story. I will aww and sob my way through books and movies and pray for my prince charming to come and whisk me off my feet.

You: Aasiyah, that's not how real life works.

I know, I know, rose-tinted glasses and all that, but honestly, sometimes that kind of view can get us through the day and give us something to look forward to. 

Sometimes it's nice to take a break from reality.

Anna and the French Kiss is about our heroine, Anna who moves to Paris to finish her schooling (not voluntarily I may add). There she meets a new set of friends and within them a boy who catches her heart. Etienne St Clair; an American with a British accent who can also speak fluent French, and to top it all of he is drop dead gorgeous. What more could a girl want? 

This story follows Anna and Etienne's friendship through the streets of Paris as they navigate the line between friendship and something more.

I fell in love with their characters. Anna is a strong girl who is naturally feeling nervous starting school in a different city and dealing with new friends and new people. On top of that, she is falling for someone who is already in a relationship while still figuring out what to do with her beau back home. Anna is someone I and any average girl can relate to because we're all juggling so many relationships, ambitions and dreams.

Etienne, on the other hand, is prince charming. He is perfect in every way and I think I may be a bit in love with him.

This story is cheesy at time, but I kid you not it is one of the most perfect love stories. I was awwing and rooting for Anna and Etienne throughout the entire story. I would definitely recommend this book just as a chill out pick me up to read. A definite must-read for everyone everywhere!!

If only I had an Etienne in my life...


Um, maybe not.

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