And unto dust you shall return...

Title: The Amber Spyglass

Author: Philip Pullman

Genre: Fantasy

Series: His Dark Materials #3

No. of pages: 467

Rating: 4/5
The amber spyglass is the final instalment of the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy and follows Will on his quest to find Lyra and reunite them on their journey to Lord Asriel's castle.

I am going to try and keep this review as spoiler-free as possible so that none of the story is ruined for you.

This book goes answers the Why questions we have had throughout the series; Why children are being taken? Why dust? and Why the war? It gives us an insight into the church and its philosophies about being born into sin and the story of Adam and Eve. There are also politics at play within the church about gaining favour and climbing the ladder which I guess is true of real life as well. I think the emphasis is just on how big the issue is and how there are so many other things at play that we don't even realise.

This book focuses on two important topics; sacrifice and love.

To give up something you love for the one you love. That is a sacrifice, and you can see many different types of sacrifice throughout the book but also throughout the series, a mothers sacrifice, a friends sacrifice, a son's sacrifice and most importantly, lovers sacrifice.

And this is what I had a problem with; Lover's sacrifice. At the end of the book, as a finale to this epic trilogy, two lovers have to sacrifice each other for the good of the world.



Now in case you haven't figured out yet, I am a big romantic and I believe love conquers all. Love is all you need to be with someone, everything else doesn't matter; not money, not power and not looks. Any difficulty you are faced with, any problem you have, love will help you overcome them. You are strongest with the one you love and when you find true love, everything pales in comparison. I passionately believe that. So for these two characters to sacrifice their love for the greater good does not sit well with me. I mean they didn't even try! They just accepted that they were in a difficult situation and separated!

We live in a cruel world as it is and love is what can make it kind. To end this trilogy with love losing the battle was a let down for me. I think the most important lesson we can hold onto is that love is pure and good and should be encouraged as much as it can.

I think Lyra and Will need to take some inspiration from Ms Cole...

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