Travel Diaries: Agadir - The Souk

If you ever travel to Morocco, definitely visit The Souk.

The biggest Souk in Agadir is the Souk Al-Ahad. You can get there using one of these:

My biggest piece of advice is - haggle. If someone says 10 dirhams don't accept it. In Agadir, they charge tourists triple what they would charge a local. So always start low and then meet them halfway, whether that's taxi fares or trinkets in the market.

Now that that's all said and done set off early and spend your afternoon feasting your eyes on the stalls.

Oils, spices and fresh fruits on stalls fill the air with mouthwatering smells.

You will also find your souvenirs for loved ones back home here, the Moroccan lamps are absolutely gorgeous

and you may find some furry friends just hanging around in the market too!

Not far from the souk, there is also an opportunity to ride camels at sunset, something else I would definitely recommend, although make sure you don't wear a skirt like I did or you will find it very difficult to get on to the camel!

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