Travel Diaries: Agadir - The Argan Factory

Another great sight when you visit Morocco is an Argan Oil Factory.

For those of you still living in the 15th century, Argan Oil made from the seeds of the Argan tree is used in both cooking and cosmetics and has become an essential ingredient in skincare and hair care products.

The Argan tree is native to Morocco and they grind it to a paste to eat with bread and honey or for use in cosmetics.

However be very careful when buying Argan Oil from the market as these are not usually pure! If you do decide to buy some, there are plenty of these small factories where you can buy the organ oil fresh from the pharmacist or in the form of creams, showers or body lotions.

The Organ Factory also have a spa or hammam attached where you can indulge in nourishing facials or body treatments, perfect for a relaxing holiday!

Visiting an Argan factory is a must, even to give yourself some TLC!

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