The Secrets of Morocco: Politics and Power

Title: Secret Son

Author: Laila  Lalami

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

No. of pages: 291

Rating: 4/5

I have has this idea for a while and now it has finally come to fruition!

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Now back to our book review.

Secret Son by Laila Lalami is set in modern-day Casablanca in Morocco. Throughout the book, you get a taste of the life lived by the poor in their slums and shanty towns, but also you get to understand the life of the wealthy. I know that this situation exists in a lot of developing countries, but to see a city where both extremes exist in parallel, is still shocking.

What makes this book more interesting is that our protagonist, Youssef has a foot in both of these worlds. He has grown up in the slums of Casablanca where his mother and friends are but, like any young person he wants more and is drawn towards the skyscrapers and wealth on the other side of the city.  Throughout the book, we seek this battle being fought inside Youssef as he tries to balance striving for what he wants with being grateful for what he already has.

When I first started reading this book, I was not that interested. The beginning was so dramatic it was a bit like a Star Plus drama, however halfway through, the book took a sudden turn and there was a new twist on every page still accompanied by the drama. I think that if the book didn't have that Star Plus quality, it would have felt rushed with too much packed into a book. You could see Youssef's life spiral out of control as we reached the climax. It's one of those moments when you just know that it is not going to end well.

I really like this book because it feels so true to life. Sometimes things are not as they seem and although this book is very dramatic, it's very realistic in its view that a bunch of bad decisions can be life ruining. This book definitely transported me to a Morocco not seen by tourists, but a Morocco as seen by locals who live their lives there. It is an important reminder that although we would say it is a fun holiday destination there is a lot more going on than what meets the eye.

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