Read Harder: 5000 miles

Title: In Cold Blood

Author: Truman Capote

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

No. of pages: 343

Rating: 5/5

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This read harder challenge is based on reading a book that is based 5000 miles away from you, and since I am a bit of a criminology nerd, what better way than to read an ultimate true crime classic?

In cold blood is a true crime story about a family murdered in Kansas. The book shows us through the eyes of both the investigators on the case and their struggle for justice but also the criminals who justify the crime and their actions.

In cold blood opens you up to the reality of human nature. For these criminals to commit the murders of 4 people and not show any remorse is shocking. Towards the end of the book, there is a strong debate about how these criminals should be punished, life imprisonment or capital punishment which in this case was hanging. It brings up the question of morality and responsibility, of whether as humans we can play God and take a life?

Weirdly, I also felt very sorry for one of the criminals Perry, who just seemed to have lived very rough and didn't have the best beginning. In no way am I excusing the act that he committed because that was disgraceful but my heart really went out to him because it felt like he couldn't catch a break.

Truman Capote is an absolute genius of a writer. I thoroughly enjoyed his writing and I was hooked till the very end. The detail and the story were so magically woven together, it is a must read classic!

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