Banana Tree

For those of you who have been to Milton will know that it is a very different city. It is full of lots of chain shop and restaurants since its more of a commuter town. 

One evening we decided to try something new, in this case, Indonesian cuisine and so we went down to Banana Tree.

I am a lover of world cuisine, and my dream is to travel the world and sample authentic foods in different countries. My favourite has always been spicy food with lots of flavours more than heat.

So we started off some crispy seafood moneybags - spring roll parcels filled with white fish and prawns served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. These were delicious but I found them slightly oily and I wasn't a fan of the sweet sauce.

We had these amazing prawn crackers as well which tasted peppery and I loved them! More of that sauce though which I avoided.

For mains, I went for the Gaeng Keo Wan Green Curry. Honestly I this was my first foray into Indonesian food and I think I want in with the wrong expectations. I expected spicy food with citrusy flavours but instead, I got a lot of sweet flavoured foods which I have never been a fan of.  

I added a combo to my meal which gave me spiced rice, sweetcorn fritters and some house salad. 

Overall I didn't enjoy my trip, maybe it was because I went in with the wrong expectations or maybe it was what I ordered from the menu but I didn't finish my meal.

However, we did go for some hot chocolate and salted caramel truffles at Cafe Rouge which perked me right up!

You can find Banana Tree here and Cafe Rouge here

Let me know if there are other Indonesian restaurants that you think I should try!

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