A Window into Another World

Title: A Subtle Knife

Author: Phillip Pullman

Genre: Fantasy

Series: His Dark Materials #2

No. of pages: 326

Rating: 4/5

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For me, the second book in a series is always the best. The author has already introduced the characters and has set the scene for the adventure in the first book. The second book gets into the meat of the story and gives the reader pages of pure action and adventure, which is exactly what I got with this book.

The Subtle Knife is the sequel to 'Northern Lights' and introduces the character of Will Parry who is on a mission to find his father. Along the way, he meets our heroine from the first book, Lyra and together they set off on an adventure to 'fix the world'.

I absolutely loved this book. I was sceptical going in because I wasn't sure how they would introduce another strong character in without messing with the story. But Phillip Pullman did this beautifully. The bond between Will and Lyra grows as the story goes on and their relationship becomes one of siblings which is so adorable. I have to say I do prefer Will to Lyra because he is more mature and less childish and bratty which Lyra can be at times. 

Honestly? It is a bit difficult to write this review without spoiling anything but I promise you will get to see the familiar faces of Mrs Coulter and Lord Asriel among others from the first story. All the twists in the book are surprising but make so much sense and as a reader, you are rooting for Lyra and Will's triumph over evil.

I would advise going into this series with an open mind. This series deals with religion, God and the Church and can be quite controversial. However,  I think it's important for a reader to keep your horizons broad and read things from different perspectives even if you don't necessarily agree with them. I think especially with everything going on at the moment it's important to celebrate our differences and not let them divide us.

Overall, I absolutely loved this book and cannot wait to read the final book in the trilogy!

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