Shakes & Fries

Who doesn't love chips? Chips are so versatile and you can eat them in so many different ways and not get bored.
And that is exactly what Shakes & Fries is taking advantage of!

They are a small joint that serves chips, shakes and some desserts.
The chips can be loaded with 4 toppings and at only £3 for a small one, it's definitely a filling lunch!

As most of you know, my family is a big one, so we managed to taste quite a few of the different flavours.

One of the best, chilli con Carne fries topped with spring onions.

Steak and Gravy fries - chunks of tender beef in a classic gravy sauce; very comforting and perfect for the cold weather.

And then just some simple ones; nacho cheese, sweetcorn relish, mixed cheddar and salsa.

Tangy tamarind sauce, mixed cheese, spring onions and salsa

And the last one, sweetcorn relish, mixed cheddar, salsa and fried onions

You can't go to Shakes & Fries and not have a shake! We opted for vanilla, chocolate and Oreo milkshake. I would definitely recommend the Oreo milkshake because it was perfection!

Overall I would say, flavourful topped chips with a milkshake?
What's not to love?

You can find Shakes and Fries on Evington Road in Leicester.

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