Read Harder: Central/South America

Title: The Antiquarian

Author: Gustavo Faveron Patriau

Genre: Mystery/Horror

No. of pages: 209

Rating: 4/5

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Welcome to the first read harder challenge post!!

This week the category I have chosen is "Read a book set in Central or South America, written by a Central or South American author". 

So I chose this book by Peruvian author Gustavo Faveron Patriau who wrote this mystery horror novel set in South America.

I am a sucker for a good mystery book and the more mind-boggling the better. However, if I figure out "whodunit", then for me, the story loses all its charm. This book kept me guessing throughout.

This book is all about an antique book collector called Daniel who stabbed his wife Juliana for some unknown reason and now his friend (also called Gustavo) is trying to solve the mystery.

This book was both brilliant and infuriating.

Brilliant because the story in the book was very surprising and I didn't expect it to end the way it did. This book is beautiful and is about love, obsession and the bond of family. It is quite creepy as well and does make your skin crawl at certain bits so the horror element is definitely there.

The journey of the author trying to figure out who Daniel really is and why he killed Juliana is riveting. Daniel leaves clues for Gustavo to follow which honestly, was genius. Coming in at only 209 pages, it is the perfect length.

But, some things are too good to be true and unfortunately, that is the case with this book. This is where the infuriating bit comes in.

This book is a translation from Spanish by Josephs Mulligan and honestly? It's terrible.
The words used in this book are so difficult to understand that I had to make sure I had a dictionary with me while I read the book. 
I mean do any of you know what hagiography is? Off the top of your head?
Neither do I!!! (FYI it means a biography of a saint)
There were points again when the book dragged but I am going to attribute it to the poor translation.

That is the only reason why I took a star off, otherwise, I loved it and would highly recommend it. Just be warned that it will take you a while to read and you have to download the app.

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