Crab Risotto with Rocket Salsa and Garlic Toasts

I love seafood. Fish, calamari, prawns - I love it all.

So when I saw this recipe for microwave crab risotto in the BBC Good Food magazine, my taste buds tingled.

This recipe is perfect for those cold winter evenings when you get home from work and all you wanna do is snuggle up with some hot food.

The richness of the mascarpone with the tender crab flakes combined with the zesty flavour of the salsa and crunchy toasts makes for a dish that is delicious and warming.


5 tbsp olive oil
2  shallots, finely chopped
300g risotto rice
600 ml fish stock
50ml water
170g white crab meat
1 lemon
50g mascarpone
a handful of rocket
1tbsp capers
salt to taste
black pepper to taste
2 slices of baguette.
1 clove of garlic


1. Heat a pan with the 1tbsp of the olive oil. To that add the chopped onions and saute till soft.
2. Add in the water, fish stock and salt to taste and bring to the boil
3. Then add the risotto rice and cook, stirring every 2  - 3 minutes. I like mine al-dente but you can cook yours to your preferred taste
4. Once you are happy with your risotto, stir in the mascarpone, crab meat, salt, black pepper and juice of 1/2 a lemon and cook for 2 mins on a low heat, covered.
5. Meanwhile, make the salsa by blitzing together the rocket, capers, and the remaining olive oil and lemon juice. Blitz till smooth.
7. For the toasts, rub the garlic clove onto the slices of baguette and toast under the grill, roughly 1 - 2 mins on each side till crunchy.  Dab with a little butter to bring out that garlic flavour.
8. To serve, first, spoon the risotto into a wide bowl and drizzle with the dressing. Top with the crunchy garlic toasts and enjoy!

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