A Vampire, A Hare and A Human Sacrifice

Title: Midwinterblood

Author: Marcus Sedgwick

Genre: Fantasy/Horror

No. of pages: 264

Rating: 3/5

The horror genre has never been one that I read a lot of. I'm more of a fantasy, murder mystery kinda gal. Horror gives me the creeps (as it should) so I tend to avoid it as much as I can.

Now in the hopes of becoming a more well-rounded reader,  I decided to take a dive into the deep end and pick up these unsettling read.

Midwinterblood tells the story of the souls of Eric and Merle. Yes, I did say souls. This book is about reincarnation, the past and future lives and how our souls stay intertwined with the ones we love.  Midwinterblood is split into 8 chapters each represented by a different moon and a different time period, I wouldn't say it's a pure love story, although that is what I initially thought after the first chapter, as each story is so different I wouldn't say it's got a specific theme throughout.

I'm not too sure how I feel about this book, as it is very different to anything I've read before. It's not good however it's not bad either. I didn't like it, but then I didn't love it. It's just so...weird. I wouldn't even say its particularly scary so don't let that put you off reading it.
Honestly, though I think its quite good, the storylines are imaginative and the entire plot and structure of the book are distinct. I wouldn't re-read it because I feel like that takes away from the magic of the book. It's one of those books that now you know the end it's not as magical.

Personally, I wasn't happy with the ending because I had a lot of questions that were unanswered which bugged me. This may also be due to the fact that I am a super control freak but still...there were some things that were just niggling at the back of my head.

I also felt like I couldn't build a close bond with the characters as I felt I didn't get enough time with them. If you're looking for relatable characters then walk the other way right now. But, if you want to get out of your comfort zone and give you a weird skin-crawly feeling, then definitely check this book out!!

My feelings can be summed up with the gif below:

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