Major plot holes? I don't think so!

Last week I wrote a review post on 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'.

As you could tell from my review, I thought it was a brilliant story, amazing character development and just general awesomeness from the queen of fantasy herself.


Some people disagreed with me.

They said it was poorly written.
They said it made no sense.
They said J K Rowling had lost her touch.

To them I say, SCREW YOU!!!

Most say plot holes are the major issue here. So in the spirit of justice I decided to do some research. I feel like the best summary of all the holes was  this article.
So here are the 6 major plot holes in filled:


1.   Harry’s Scar
      Harry was always linked to Voldemort. Yes, he was a Horcrux which is why he could see into Voldy's mind and do all that other cool freaky stuff. But a Horcrux is part of your soul right? A twisted way of splitting your soul to make yourself immortal. And when you have a child, there is a part of you in that child, and that child is a part of you, they have your features, mannerisms and genes. So why is it not possible that since Voldemort has a child, who is a piece of him. So she was a lot like a Horcrux; she had a part of Voldemort alive inside her. And since Harry's scar would hurt every time he was near a Horcrux, ergo his scar should hurt when she's around.

2.   Cedric the death eater
      So as you know, when Scorpius and Albus go back in time, back to the scene of the Triwizard Tournament Task at the lake. They fire an engorgement charm at his head which inflates and causes him to float away from the link in humiliation. Let’s be honest here, Cedric was nothing but a pretty boy and probably wouldn’t have been able to get through the tournament without Harry’s help. And for lots of people image and reputation is a huge deal. Harry won the cup and took away his chance at the cup. Cedric was beaten by the other wizard from Hogwarts who according to most at the school, just wanted his shot at fame. Remember the saying, my enemy’s enemy is my friend.

3.   Polyjuice potions
      Polyjuice potions have been quite common throughout the series. The Polyjuice potion is mentioned twice in the book, the first instance where Albus, Scorpius and Delphi transform into Ron, Harry and Hermione respectively. Delphi prepared this potion and now looking back on the crazy scorned child, she probably had lots to spare. The next time is when Albus mentions it in the church. This particular article talks about how it was a stupid idea, they didn’t have the ingredients and the time to prepare. Let me answer that statement as politely as I can. 1, It was a suggestion, that is all it was. 2, The ingredients they could have found in Bathilda Bagshot’s house as already pointed out by Albus and finally 3, yes it would take time to prepare but don’t forget Albus is a KID! He didn’t prepare the potion last time. Yes, he is terrible at potions so that’s probably why he doesn’t know the time constraints. But at the end of the day, IT WAS A BLOODY SUGGESTION! STOP GETTING YOUR KNICKERS IN A TWIST!

4.   Voldemort's legacy continued
      As you have probably put together by now, Voldemort had a kid with Bellatrix called Delphi. The biggest question posted by haters everywhere is could Voldy have a kid? My answer: The way all animals have children and produce offspring. However, there would have been complications with the conception. Firstly, Voldemort was reborn as half snake half human, so he would still be able to conceive but there would be more snake like things involved, say like a shorter gestation period (more on this later)

5.   But why did Voldy want an heir?
      This I kind of answered in the first point. Ultimately when creating a child, you put a part of yourself in that child weirdly creating a Horcrux. Maybe Voldemort knew it wasn’t looking pretty when all his Horcrux were destroyed one after another. So in his own evil twisted way he impregnated Bellatrix who then gave birth to the final piece of his legacy. The important thing to remember here is that Voldemort did not decide to have a child because he was suddenly feeling broody, he had a child to continue his pursuit to immortality; purely selfish reasons.

6.   The Time line
      The article I referenced talks about how it the time line doesn’t add up. Well my fellow readers, let me enlighten you. The first thing that complicated this pregnancy as I mentioned was the whole half snake thing. This also meant that the gestation period for the snakes is around 3 months, now granted the kid wasn’t full snake but we can safely assume that the pregnancy was sped up. Also I am sure some wizard must have figured out how to hide a baby bump using some magic so that can’t be too difficultt.

So the next person who tells me Harry Potter was prepared:


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