You know when you are so hungry you just don't know what to eat.

When you and your best friend can't decide where to go and you get more and more frustrated till you feel like crying?

That's me.

After a backward and forward on where we we going we eventually settled on Coals.

Coals is a chain of bar and grill type restaurants without about 10 locations around the country.
The menu looked amazing and I honestly couldn't wait to get stuck in because grilled seafood is my absolute favourite!

Now here's a bit of a reminder, all the reviews on this blog books and restaurants are 100% honest. What I genuinely think is what I will publish and nothing less.  And what you are about to get is a straight talking review so listen up.

It was a busy Saturday evening so the wait for the table was around 45 mins, however I cannot fault the staff who were so polite and cheerful and just genuinely seemed like they cared. We had a movie which we were catching after dinner so the staff got us a table as quick as they could and also threw in the cinema discount which they only offer during the week. I thought this was a lovely gesture and like I said, they seemed like they actually cared which is not what you find often.

So now the most important bit....the food!!!

We decided for drinks we were going to go with Oreo milkshake; Oreos being a firm favourite with both of us. But I was disappointed.
For me, it was one of the worst Oreo milkshakes I've had.  Reason being: there were no Oreos.
I lie there were Oreos in there but I could not taste them, it was all milk, and I don't like cold milk on its own so the evening didn't have a brilliant start.

For starters, we started off with the spicy tiger prawns and calamari. Now I LOVE calamari, absolutely adore it, however i have come across very few places that can actually cook calamari well. Its either too rubbery (which means its over cooked) or its too oily when its deep fried and it just doesn't taste right.

But this. Was. Beautiful.
Melt in your mouth. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  The prawns were also cooked beautifully and the spiciness in the tomatoes finished the dish right off. As you can see it was served with naan bread which helped mop up that rich spicy sauce. So thumbs up on this one.

For starters we also shared this "Stone baked garlic pizza bread" which was just a glorified naan with butter on it. Not really much garlic, so I wasn't a fan of this. 

For mains, we went with the grilled fish tacos and the steak
So, first lets talk about the tacos. They came with a Chargrilled Prawn Skewer, pico de gallo and guacamole. The skewer you couldn't really mess up because it was just seasoned prawns that had been grilled, which was fine because sometimes when you try and over do flavours the food just makes no sense. I think that is exactly what they tried to do with the tacos.
So they started off okay, there were three tacos with a mix of prawns and calamari, tangy pico de gallo and guac which was chunky and just the way I like it. So off to a winning start. It was only till I got to to the second bite that I could taste a weird sweetness on my tongue which just didn't go. So I deconstructed it and found they had added sweet chili sauce.*


Correct me if I am wrong but this dish was Mexican themed. And I don't know about you guys but I associate sweet chili with Chinese food.


You know what? If it tasted fine I would not have has an issue.


So I ended up just eating the prawns and wiping away as much of that sweet chili as I could.

*On further inspection I have noticed it does mention it on the menu, but bottom line is it did not taste good. It was adding nothing to the dish and made it worse.

In terms of the steak,  my friend declared it tasteless. No salt and pepper and no flavour of any kind, it was just average.

I think that's my overall review for this place...average.
And that's fine....if it was cheap.

But the thing is, they charge you restaurant prices for pub quality food. So for me, definitely not worth the money.

But by all means, go and check it out, or if you have had a better experience with the place then please let me know what you ordered in the comments!

So, it was a pretty fruitless experience.

The redeeming quality of the night was Baskin Robbins Mango Sorbet and Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. Seriously, best film I have watched all year. I don't think I have ever felt that many emotions in a film recently (besides HP of course)

So if you take anything away from this post, get yourselves to a cinema to watch this amazing film!!!!

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