Crafty Burger, Leicester

Down a cobbled street, in Saint Martins Square, in the heart of the Leicester town centre is St Martins Coffee House. A coffee merchant by day and super burger extraordinaire by night!

If you've not heard of crafty, it is literally the best burgers you will ever taste (except for the cheese-stuffed burgers I make, but that's a completely different post)

This place has become a regular spot for me, and even though I only eat the vegetarian burger it's still amazing. My friends have also sworn they have the best burgers so I thought I would give you a peak into what they offer.

This one is called El Gordo or 'The fat one'. It's a beast of a burger with beef patties, crispy buttermilk chicken and lots of melting red Leicester cheese. It's also supposed to have a flat mushroom, coleslaw and aioli but SOMEONE doesn't like sauce or salad. But this is the same order every single time, so for those of you who can think you can handle it, I can guarantee you it's a good one!

Next, we have my regular order, which is the vegetarian option. This one is called the 'Smokin 'Shroom'. The clue's in the name, it has a huge breadcrumb coated flat mushroom with lots of smoky cheese and tangy aioli.

This is El Rojo or 'the red one'. This has your standard succulent burger with onion jam, chorizo and chimichurri. A brilliant combination.

And finally, we have 'The Crafty Poet' which is filled with smoky cheddar, bacon and onion crisps. A winning combination I've been told.

All their burgers come with crunchy skin on fries which you can pimp out with more toppings. but honestly I am always so stuffed, I can just about finish the plain chips!!

Crafty is an amazing, slightly hipsterish, burger restaurant definitely worth the visit. Their customer service and quality of their food are first class. The only challenge is trying to get a reservation...Crafty are only open Thursday to Saturday from 6 pm till 9 pm so hurry down and grab those seats!!!

Find them here

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